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Delphi – Arachova

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Top Visits

  • Delphi Archaeological site
  • Temple of Apollo
  • Museum
  • Ancient theatre
  • Arachova village

Discover all the treasures of the region and even more with Athens Vip Transports!

The origins of Delphi date are lost in the darkness of prehistory and only survive in the myths of ancient Greeks. The first discoveries in the area date back to 4000 BC from the local Corycian cave.

In Delphi, the Ancient Greeks honored Apollo and Athena, believing the area was the navel of the world, the place where Zeus’ eagles, sent to find the center of the universe, met. It was the most famous oracle of ancient Greece. Said oracle experienced its greatest prosperity from the 6th century and for hundreds of years, famously being consulted in many matters of the Greek classical world.

The high priestess Pythia was the one to utter the enigmatic prophecies and it was up to the priests and the pilgrims to interpret them. Many rulers of these times and even entire cities came to ask for advice. The fame of the oracle lasted until the second century AD. With the rise of Christianity however, the oracle was neglected. It was closed in the end of the fourth century and the city was abandoned in the seventh. The excavations in order to unveil its existence began in 1890 and important discoveries for the ancient public life of that time were made.

During your tour in Delphi, you will have the chance to see the Castalian spring where those who wanted to visit Pythia in order to receive an oracle had to stop, wash and purify themselves. You will also visit the temple of Athena Pronaia, one of the most important in the establishment, and the treasure of the Athenians. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to walk the Sacred Way up to the sanctum of Apollo, the center of life and activity in the area. Beyond these, the ancient site has many more things for you to see, such as the stadium, the amphitheater and of course the museum, where a lot of the findings are collected.

Let yourselves feel the old magic of the area, listen in the wind for the oracle’s prophecies, all through the luxury and comfort of Athens Vip Transports.


  • Road tolls & taxes
  • Transfer in new, luxury non-smoking A/C Mercedes Mini Van & Limousines
  • Free Wi-Fi on the cars

What’s Not Included

  • Entrance tickets for museums/archaeological sites
  • Drinks & Meals
  • Professional tour guide (available upon request)

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