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Sparti – Mistra

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Top Visits: Statue of Leonidas Iconic tomb of Leonidas, also known as Leonidaion Olive and Greek Oil Museum Archaeological Museum of Sparta Castle state of Mystras Churches of Mystras Archaeological Museum of Mystras Nestled in the eastern foothills of Taygetos and surrounded by the Evrotas Valley, Sparta is a city of immense historical and mythological […]

Ancient Corinth Half Day Tour

Σχέδιο χωρίς τίτλο (1)-min

Top Visits Corinth Canal Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth Temple of Apollo Glauke Fountain Peirene Fountain Sanctuary of Asklepieion Roman Odeion Bema of Saint Paul Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore Castle of Acrocorinth The Isthmus of Corinth has been split by an artificial canal, which connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in […]

Kalavryta – Full Day Tour

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Top Visits: Traditional town of Kalavryta Municipal Museum Monument to the Fallen Monastery of Agia Lavra Monastery of the Great Cave Cave of the Lakes Kalavryta Ski Center A unique train ride Nestled on the side of Helmos, at about 750m, Kalavryta is about 90km from the city of Patras and just shy of 190km […]

Mycenae – Nauplion – Epidaurus (Argolida) – Corinth Canal


EXCURSION TO THE ANCIENT PATHS OF THE PELOPONNESE Top Visits The UNESCO-listed ancient amphitheater of Epidaurus Lions’ gate in Mycenae The Cyclopean Walls in Mycenae The Palace & tomb of king Agamemnon in Mycenae Nafplio Discover all the treasures of the region and even more with Athens Vip Transports! The Isthmus of Corinth is the […]

Ancient Olympia

αρχ ολυμ

FLASHBACK JOURNEY TO THE OLYMPIC GAMES Top Visits Archaeological Museum of Olympia Temple of Zeus Temple of Hera The Stadium of Olympia Pierre de Coubertin’s Monument The Ancient Gymnasium Hermes and the infant Dionysus statue Nike of Paionios statue Discover all the treasures of the region and even more with Athens Vip Transports! Ancient Olympia, […]

Sounio and Athenian Riviera

sounio 2

ΑΤΗΕΝΙΑΝ RIVIERA, TEMPLE OF POSEIDON AND AN AMAZING SUNSET Top Visits Lake of Vouliagmeni Temple of Poseidon Athenian Coastline Discover all the treasures of Cape Sounion and Athenian riviera with Athens Vip Transports! Start your tour at Cape Sounion watching the sunset which leads to the picturesque coastal road and offers a magnificent view of […]

Athens Monasteries


A JOURNEY OF SPIRITUAL AND RELIGIOUS CONTEMPLATION Discover with Athens VIP Transports all the treasures that the Monasteries of Athens can offer, feeling the religious offering and living a day of intense religious interest. Saint Irene Chrysovalantou Monastery:Saint Irene Chrysovalantou came from Cappadocia from a noble family and was a candidate for wife of Emperor […]


meteora 3

METEORA, THE MIRACLE OF NATURE AND CHRISTENDOM Discover all the treasures of the region and even more with Athens Vip Transports! The sacred rocks of Meteora and the city of Kalambaka are located near the foot of the Pindos mountain range, in the region of Trikala. A majestic geological wonder with a long history associated […]

Delphi – Arachova


MYTHICAL / LEGENDARY JOURNEY TO ANCIENT DELPHI (the navel of the world) AND ARACHOVA Top Visits Delphi Archaeological site Temple of Apollo Museum Ancient theatre Arachova village Discover all the treasures of the region and even more with Athens Vip Transports! The origins of Delphi date are lost in the darkness of prehistory and only […]



A TRIP TO THE ROOTS OF DEMOCRACY Top Visits Acropolis (Parthenon, Temple of Athena Nike, Temple of Erechtheion) and its museum Hadrian’s Gate Ancient Theatre of Dionysus Temple of Olympian Zeus Ancient Agora Temple of Hephaestus Panathenaic Stadium Parliament of Greece and the changing of the guard Russian and Anglican churches Discover with Athens Vip […]